Admission requirements

University requirements in Canada francophone are fairly straightforward. In all cases, admission is based almost entirely on academic marks gained in high school, generally grade 12, although some schools also consider grade 11 marks as well. However, the admission requirements in Canada Anglophone are much more flexible.

Canadian universities welcome students from across the globe for admission into studies, applications are accepted year-round. However, each university has its admission requirements. Questions about the admissions process or inquiries about programs, credit transfers and start dates from prospective students can be addressed by one of our enrollment advisors

For admission you need to prepare the following documents, send them to us and we will process your application, and send you your acceptance package:

  1. – 3 certified copies of the passport.
  2. – 3 photos.
  3. – 3 certified copies of high school diploma (Baccalaureate).
  4. – 3 certified copies of grades record (5th, 6th, and high school).
  5. – 3 certified copies of bachelor (or equivalent) for undergraduate.
  6. – 3 certified copies of grades record (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year of bachelor)
  7. – Letter of motivation.
  8. – Admissions fees and file processing