Programs of studies

With over 250 programs of study offered, the choice is yours. So what’ll it be? There is a huge variety of departments and programs which we provide just a few examples:

Languages studies:

  1. –  ESl (English courses).
  2. – Toefl preparation


Note: Not sure about your choice? No problem; we make changing majors as easy as possible. But the most important choice you can make is to study at a university where the academics are challenging, exhilarating, and likely to change the major easily.

–       Architecture.

–       Interior Design.

–       Garden Design.

–       Industrial Design.

–       Urbanism.

–       Writing script and literary creation.

–       Studies of Video Games.

–       History of Art.

–       Music.

–       Digital Music.

–       Journalism.

–       Communication Sciences.

–       Advertising.

–       International studies.

–       Political Sciences.

–       Economics.

–       Health and Security of job.

–       Biology.

–       Linguistics and psychology.

–       Translation.

–       Speech.

–       Audiology.

–       Nutrition.

–       Kinesiology.

–       Bioinformatics.

–       Technology and food safety.

–       Nursing.

–       Bio-pharmaceutical sciences.

–       Management of health services and social services.

–       Studies of video games.

–       Programming.

–       Management of digital information.

–       Mathematics

–       MBA in Entrepreneurship.

–       MBA in Finance.

–       MBA in Human Resources.

–       MBA in Marketing.

–       MBA in Internet Marketing.

–        MBA in Accounting.

–       MBA in Global Development and Peace.

–       MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance.

–       MBA in Social Media.

–       MBA in Justice Studies.

–       MBA in Project Management.

–       MBA in Business Management.

–       MBA in Computer Sciences.

–       PHD in Business Administration.

–      PHD in Computer Sciences.