Our services

Hihi Consulting has created this comforting service to ease the application process for students. We will guide the student throughout the entire process, until the student attends the university and sometimes even after that. We do understand the financial, educational and social commitments.

We firmly believe in customer service to the students and our partner and non partner universities.

Our services :

For students:

  • Free professional advice for higher education abroad
  • Selection of best and accredited universities
  • Application preparation
  • Scholarship assistance (if possible)
  • Guaranteed admission
  • VISA counseling
  • Travel and post arrival assistance

For universities :

  • Market analysis and student recruitment drive
  • Print advertisement support
  • Advertising on our social networking
  • Participation in Education Fairs and local exhibition
  • Visits to local colleges and institution
  • SMS and email marketing
  • Events like Pre Departure Briefings / Education Fairs