Studying in the United States

Why Study in the United States?

Studying in the United States: USA is the country where anything is possible. Everyone can take their chance. With endurance and determination, success is guaranteed.

Moreover, the professional experience gained from internships and on-campus jobs, along with the significant number of extracurricular activities and the multicultural environment, are true assets that you will develop while studying in the United States.

You can enroll at any time of the year at American universities. Each university has its own registration dates.

There are 4 study sessions in the United States:

• Fall session • Winter session • Spring session • Summer session

Regarding language courses, you can enroll throughout the year.

To study in the United States, the TOEFL is not mandatory. You can enroll in a language course once you are there. You just need to take a placement test.

  • The American higher education system includes universities, colleges, and institutes.

For degrees, there are the Associate Degree (A.A/A.S), Bachelor’s Degree (B.A/B.S), Master’s Degree (MA/MS), and Doctorate Degree (Ph.D).


Undergraduate studies: Associate Degree

This degree is awarded after two years of study. It offers the opportunity to continue studies to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Undergraduate studies: Bachelor’s Degree (License)

A degree obtained after four years of study after high school.

Graduate studies: Master’s Degree (Maitrise)

This degree is awarded following a postgraduate program, usually after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Doctorate Degree (Ph.D)

This is the highest degree, which can take three to seven years to complete after obtaining a Master’s Degree.

The “Universities”

Award degrees at the second and third cycle (Graduate), while having a significant budget allocated for research.

The “Colleges”

Award undergraduate degrees. They are smaller in size compared to universities.

The “Institutes”

Similar to universities, they offer the preparation of diplomas usually with a technological focus.

With Hihi Consulting, the procedure is easy, simple, and fast.

For your enrollment, you just need to prepare these documents and send them to us. We will take care of the rest.

The documents required are:

  • 2 copies of the first three pages of your passport
  • 2 photos
  • 2 copies of your high school diploma
  • 2 copies of your transcripts (for grades 5, 6, and high school)
  • 2 copies of your bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) for applicants to postgraduate studies
  • 2 copies of your diploma transcript
  • Bank attestation from your sponsor
  • Admission and processing fees